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Where are the products made?
InfiniteAloe® products are made in the USA. We manufacture our products in Southern California, and all our skincare manufacturing has always been done in California.
How is the packaging made?
With all our primary and secondary manufacturing boxes and plastics, we aim to use recyclable products and materials whenever possible. As new technology and better processes are created, we are constantly working to be on the cutting-edge of sustainable and planet-friendly packaging.
What is the difference between Original, Fragrance Free and Special Edition?
IA’s Hero product is available in three scents.

Original, Fragrance Free and Special Edition.

Original is the most popular and comes in a white jar. It has a floral light jasmine scent. IA Original Scent is available in multiple sizes: 0.5oz jar, 2oz jar, 4oz jar, 8oz jar, 8oz airless pump salon bottle and 128oz (1 gallon) extra-value size.

Fragrance Free comes in a light brown jar and has no added fragrance. IA Fragrance Free is available in multiple sizes: 0.5oz jar, 2oz jar, 4oz jar, 8oz jar, 8oz airless pump salon bottle and 128oz (1 gallon) extra-value size.

Special Edition comes in a dark navy almost black jar. It has a “woodsy” or “musk-like” scent. IA Special Edition is available in 0.5os jar and 8oz jar.
What are the fragrances?
IA Original - The fragrance contains ingredients, which are the primary component of rose oil, palmarosa oil and citronella oil and other plant oils. It’s mild odor has also been described as sweet-floral, bergamot, lavender and slightly balsamic.
IA Fragrance Free - there is no added fragrance.
IA Special Edition - Described as a musk like scent, or male scent. The ingredient is often also described as a pleasant smell, like vanilla bean. Men and Women both enjoy it.
IA Scrub -
IA Gold - Contains Bergamot Oil, Lemon Oil, Sage Clary Oil and Peppermint Oil. Of all IA scents, this one is often the favorite.
IA Microdermabrasion -
What is the difference in the jars?
Over the years, IA has gone through a number of changes and improvements. These changes and improvements have been made to become more sustainable, while also facilitating international expansion, being on the cutting-edge of clean and natural beauty, and constantly striving for health and wellness for all users. North America, South America, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia all have different and specific requirements. As IA has expanded into each of these territories, changes and alterations have been in order to stay compliant with each of the local jurisdictions. Please see this page to see the full evolution of packaging and jars over the years. [Link]
Why do some jars say “advanced formula” and some say “complete skin care”?
Some 0.5oz jars and 2oz jars say “complete skin care” and some versions say “advanced formula”, depending on where they were originally intended to be sent. Both versions are valid and are correct renditions of true IA branding.
Why is the packaging I received different from the picture?
We aim to always have the most recent and up-to-date pictures published online on our website. Due to a large manufacturing and distribution network, you will occasionally receive products that look slightly different from the website or images seen online. In 2020, we have engaged in a complete rebrand, including new jars, colors, logo, etc along with improvements to sustainability practices and new product releases. There is a document here that will help explain the history of the changes and improvements. [LINK]
How does the airless pump salon bottle work?
The airless pump salon bottle is a unique and hygienic way to apply skincare. The bottle itself is an 8oz cylinder. It contains the same quantity of product as the 8oz jar. It works by having a base on the bottom, that is pushed up by the pressure when squeezing the pump on the top of the jar. This leaves all the air on the bottom, and the cream inside exposed to the least amount of air. This keeps the cream fresh and uncontaminated until it reaches your skin. Occasionally, on brand new airless pump salon bottles, you may need to pump consistently to get the first application of cream started.
Are IA products vegan?
IA Scrub and IA Microdermabrasion are vegan products and do not contain any animal by-products.

IA Skin Care and IA Gold contain Marine Collagen, derived from fish, and thus can’t be considered vegan.
Are IA products non-GMO? Are the products tested on animals? Are the products gluten-free?
The Ultimate Creations InfiniteAloe Inc products are manufactured in compliance with all local and state laws and regulations of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, and are permitted to be sold in the state of California as well as throughout the United States. The country of origin for the products is the United States of America.

Ultimate Creations InfiniteAloe Inc products are manufactured in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices. These products have also been manufactured according to all decisions made by the World Health Organization, EU Cosmetics Directive, all applicable U.S. federal, state and local laws and regulations, and all necessary adjustments and controls are applied.

Based upon our knowledge about the ingredients and manufacturing process of the products, the following statements hold true and correct;
  • We hereby confirm we do not conduct nor commission animal testing including without limitation, formulations and ingredients of our products.
  • Free of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).
  • May contain impurities or residues of gluten-containing ingredients that is within the acceptable limits as set forth by the FDA to be less than 20 ppm (parts per million).
Is it certified organic?
IA products use 100% certified organic aloe barbadensis miller.
Are there any parabens?
IA products do not contain any parabens.
What is the expiration date?
IA products have a 5 year shelf life. After opening a sealed product, it should be used within 24 months. For best results, use immediately. Why wait?
How long do IA products last?
IA products will be good for 24 months after opening.

Each jar will last for varying lengths of time depending on usage.

IA Skin Care - most often lasts someone 4-6 months using on the face, hands and feet, twice a day, every day. If used on the entire body daily, it can be used within a month for raving fans. Used just as a face cream or hand cream, the large size, 8 ounces, should last well over 6 months. For the 4oz, 2oz and 0.5oz sizes, please use above approximations.

IA Scrub - most often lasts 4-6 months. Once again, it depends how you use it. It can last one month, or up to 12 months with occasional use.

IA Gold - The IA Gold product is meant to be used on the face, eyes, neck and tops of the hands, where the aging is most evident. The big jar (6.7oz) will typically last 6-12 months. The medium (1.7oz) jar will last 8-16 weeks and the small (0.5oz) jar will last about 15-30 days.

IA Microdermabrasion - The Microdermabrasion Cream is meant to be used about once every 3-7 days. Some people enjoy using it every day, and this is allowed! Depending on usage, this will affect the time until you get to the bottom and need more.
How should I store my IA products?
Store at room temperature. Avoid very hot, humid storage places. Skincare products can be stored in the fridge as well, for best preservation. Do NOT store in a freezer.

Storing products near a bedside, vanity or bathroom is also fine in almost all cases.
Can IA be used during pregnancy?
Consulting a physician is always recommended while undergoing pregnancy, using products on babies, and other delicate medical situations. We do use hyaluronic acid in some of our products.
Is it safe for babies?
Please consult a physician if you are concerned about skin or health issues with a baby.

InfiniteAloe uses natural, gentle ingredients which work with a variety of skin types, from very sensitive skin types to extremely dry skin. Many mothers use our products to soothe common problems encountered by babies and children. These include cradle cap, diaper rash, eczema, fever blisters and more.

While IA has never been officially tested for use on babies, many people do use it for this purpose.
Can IA be used for sensitive skin?
IA, especially IA Skin Care, can generally be used on sensitive skin. The ingredients are non-toxic and natural. If for some reason there is any reaction to the plant-based ingredients, there could be allergens, but this is not typical. If you are concerned or worried, please consult a physician about product use.
Do InfiniteAloe products contain SPF?
No. SPF stands for sun protection factor and is a measure of the effectiveness of sunscreen products to prevent sunburn. While InfiniteAloe products do contain some ingredients which may naturally help with sun burn and sun protection, this has not been properly categorized or tested. In short, there is no SPF rating for any InfiniteAloe product.

Many InfiniteAloe users desiring sun protection simply apply InfiniteAloe products at night or in the morning. Then, when needed, apply their preferred sunscreen product before heavy exposure to the sun.
Does IA work on Acne?
Ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea, rosehip oil, calendula, and others, have been studied to dramatically improve and give relief to those who suffer from acne. With continued and consistent use, IA can help the skin with a number of issues that are solved by the combination of all-natural ingredients.
Can I use IA under make-up?
IA Skin Care is used even by many Hollywood leading make-up artists, as a base under make-up. Applying the skin care to freshly cleaned skin, the moisturizing effect lasts long, helps keep the skin hydrated and healthy, and works great as a base. IA Skin Care can also be mixed with a foundation and turned into a BB cream.
How do I apply the Gold?
IA Gold anti-aging treatment is intended to be patted on the skin rather than rubbed into it. On freshly cleaned skin, lightly pat IA Gold around the eyes, mouth, forehead, neck, chest and any area where you want to prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lack of elasticity (sagging), thinning skin, and other signs of aging skin.

Use as a night treatment. Use morning and night for accelerated results.
Where can I find my order status?
When ordering online, you should receive a receipt immediately after purchase. If you do not receive this, check your spam and promotions folder. Your shipment will be sent out the same or next day if the order is after 2pm. Once your order is shipped, you will receive another order confirmation with tracking number.
When will I receive my order?
Orders in the USA are shipped out of Los Angeles, and typically arrive within 1-3 days from the date of order. Orders in Canada are shipped out of Vancouver, and should arrive within 1-7 days.
Is the web checkout safe? What program is used?
We use industry leading Stripe for payment processing, and we also are constantly aiming to offer all options including PayPal, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. Please choose your preferred method at checkout. All payments are completely secure, with SSL encryption based internet security protocol.
Is there an auto-replenishment program?
At this moment, IA does not offer auto-replenishment. We do hope to create a program tailored specifically for this. If interested, go ahead and message us what you would like included. [link to contact]
Is there an Afterpay program?
What is the return policy?
Depending on where you purchase your product, will determine the exact return policy that is followed.

At, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee on all products. [link].

If you have purchased from one our distributors at a trade show or event, there is also a 90-day money back guarantee. [link].

If you are purchasing from a different website or one of our many retailers, the return policy for their business will be followed, and the return will be done from the retailer where the purchase was made.
How do I get a specific product recommendation?
Here at IA there are many opportunities to get a free consultation, either in person or on the phone. You can reach us at one of our events, where we can help you directly in person, or you can call us any time and schedule a consultation over the phone/video.
Is there a rewards, affiliate or referral program?
We offer an excellent affiliate program. With the affiliate program, you are able to sign-up on our website, create an account, and begin referring friends and selling IA online immediately. There is an entire affiliate section with approved promotional and marketing materials to share your link and build your sales, while also being compensated.
How do I become a distributor of IA?
Ultimate Creations InfiniteAloe Inc has long been in the business of direct sales in the specialty retail market. We are always hiring and looking for entrepreneurial minded people with a desire to help people and work hard. Please contact us to discuss distributor sales position openings in your area. [link contact page]
Does the product contain alcohol?
Yes. Two different types. Cetyl Alcohol - Used as an emollient, Cetyl alcohol has the ability to soften and smooth flakiness on the skin, which helps to reduce rough, dry skin. Emollients are also occlusive agents, which means they provide a layer of protection that helps prevent water loss from the skin.

Cetearyl Alcohol - Used as an emollient, cetearyl alcohol is considered an effective ingredient for soothing and healing dry skin. ... Not only is it considered safe and nontoxic for use on the skin and hair, but it's also not drying.