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Complete Skin Care - 20th Collection

SKU: IA20HeroPack

The 20th collection has been a best-seller, so has stayed around, and is yours to enjoy.

3 x 8oz | 237ml Complete Skin Care jars + 4 travel size jars
1 x 4oz | 118 ml Complete Skin Care jar
1 x 2oz | 59ml Complete Skin Care jar
Bonus 4oz | 118ml Baby Soft Scrub
Scegli la tua fragranza
Organic aloe vera powered skin care


The purest natural ingredients combined in perfect proportions give InfiniteAloe the power to soothe, smooth and soften skin.

We have built on thousands of years of herbal development to optimize nature's treasures into a formula perfect for human skin.

InfiniteAloe Baby Soft Scrub: Organic Aloe Vera, rosehip oil and vitamin E clean deeply, exfoliate and refresh your skin from head to toe.

Regular exfoliation is essential to healthy skin.

Popular in the most high-end spas in Europe, find out what all the fuss is about.

Non-GMO, cruelty-free, never tested on animals.

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